Are Sofa Beds Good for Everyday Use

Sofas often play a starring role in our living space – not only are they a sizeable piece of furniture which immediately draw the eye, they’re where we retire to at the end of a busy day.

We often use the sofa as the focal point to design the rest of our lounge, so style also has a fundamental part to play. And when your sofa is also a bed, it becomes multi-functional, which means the checklist of requirements grows even larger!

While historically sofa beds were functioned over style, the good news is that that is the case no more. Sofa beds now look as stylish as standard sofas and are available in a range of materials, sizes and styles, so it’s just a case of deciding which sofa bed is right for you.

To help you with that decision, here’s a guide to the best sofa beds for everyday use.

Leather and Fabric Sofa Beds

While the choice of sofa bed material used to be fairly limited, with fabric sofa beds in the majority, there is now a much wider range of materials available, ensuring your sofa bed fits seamlessly into your décor.

Leather sofa beds such as the Sloane, are very popular, offering a sleek, stylish option in a variety of sizes, while those after a more sumptuous, decadent feel can choose from a selection of velvet sofa beds, such as the Payton, which is available in a range of colours.

Fabric is still a fantastic choice, and if this material is the right option for you – there are plenty of comfortable sofa beds to choose from, with modern, contemporary styles on offer through to more traditional styles.

Style and Versatility

The beauty of sofa beds these days is that they no longer look like a sofa bed, which makes it much easier to have them as your main sofa if you want to utilise your space for guests/when friends stay over. And if it’s going to be your main sofa, then the style will be a real focal point.

A Chesterfield sofa bed such as the Paramus range offers the ultimate style and is available in numerous sizes, giving you the option to choose a sofa bed which fits perfectly into your living space. From a loveseat sofa bed to a 2-seater sofa bed, and for those who are looking for a large sofa bed, they can choose the 3.5 seater, which turns into a super king-size sofa bed.

If you’re looking for a sofa bed with storage, then a look no further than a chaise sofa bed. Offering more room for guests as a sofa, the chaise also provides storage, perfect for bedding and extra cushions.

Space Saving Sofa Beds

Gone are the days when the only sofa bed on the market was a double sofa bed. It’s now possible to choose from a whole myriad of sizes, complementing the space you have to play with. If there’s only a small amount of room, then a loveseat is the ideal small sofa bed. At only 140cm wide, the Helston loveseat is a stylish single sofa bed, available in plush velvet.

There are plenty of more traditional styles, with numerous armchair sofa beds such as the Bromley available. With supported sides, it’s possible to choose from a loveseat to a two-seater sofa bed, again up to the super king-size sofa bed.

Corner sofas have proved incredibly popular in recent years, so it makes perfect sense to factor a corner sofa bed into your list of options. As a modular sofa, the Sloane provides you with ultimate flexibility, giving you the chance to choose from numerous different combinations, with the added option of including an ottoman for further storage.

There’s no denying that sofa beds have evolved in recent years, with everything from a compact sofa bed through to a luxury sofa bed now available. You just have to decide which best suits your décor and is most practical in your living space.