5 Things to Know Before Buying Your Leather Sofa

The sofa is both the star and the central hub of any home and it is integral that you invest serious time, thought and energy into purchasing the perfect sofa for your interior. Buying a new sofa? We’ve done all the leg work for you and compiled the 5 key factors that are crucial to consider whilst searching for the ideal sofa.


Lets put the most important sofa purchasing rule first, its a simple yet ever so vital one - TRY THE SOFA! Any sofa can be drop-dead gorgeous, the perfect shade of duck egg blue to match your interior and upholstered in handspun vintage French linen, but if it's not comfortable and if you cant relax on it then its not the perfect sofa for your home! Get comfy in the store, lie down on the sofa, get the whole family in on the act to find out if its the right size, softness/firmness, width, leg height and cushion softness for you and yours before you take it home.


Sofas are long term, staple furniture pieces, they should be considered investment buys, they are the little black dress of the furniture world if you please. When selecting a sofa for your living space it is vital and smart to invest in the best quality option within your budget. When considering a sofa you should always take note of the frame structure, what it is made of (hardwood, metal, cheap framing wood etc) as you want a sofa that will withstand general wear and tear, house moves and anything that life may throw at it. Cheaper sofas tend to be constructed with inferior woods or metals and the frames buckle, sag and break over time meaning you will need to replace your sofa more frequently thus making it more expensive in the long run! Always inspect the joinery and the frame thoroughly before you purchase a sofa.


Whilst 95% of buying a sofa is based on the exterior aesthetics and style it is also key to take into consideration what the inside of your sofa is made of to ensure that longterm you maintain maximum cushion comfiness. Sofas can be filled with a few different materials, feathers, foam and fibre being the three most common. Whilst sofa cushion comfiness is a case of personal preference there are a few other thoughts to keep in mind. Feather options will need regular plumping and reshaping but are luxuriously comfortable. Foam and fibre options are low maintenance but do tend to lose their shape over time and flatten out in heavily used areas. The solution? We recommend a sofa that combines both feathers and foam that way you are ensured good firm structure from the foam as well as plenty of luxe plushness from the feathers.


Selecting fabric for your sofa is one of the toughest decisions you will have to make! Do you love a classic leather look or are you more into minimalist linen? Are you bold enough for a pattern or eager to keep things chicly neutral? When selecting the right fabric for your sofa it is integral that you take into consideration any pre-existing aesthetics, dominant colour palettes or statement features in your interior so as not to choose a sofa that will create a visually jarring clash within your living space. Also, keep your sofas predominant use forefront of mind when selecting fabric, will pets and small children be using it? If so select a fabric option that is easy to wipe over and spot clean. Will it be positioned in full sunlight? If so then opt for a synthetic fabric that won't age or fade in the sunshine. Is someone likely to rest their grubby shoes or spill a glass of wine on the sofa from time to time? Then consider fabric options that are durable, removable, hard wearing and that will stand up to frequent washing.


So you’ve found the perfect sofa, its head over heels love, but the million dollar question is will it fit? Before you head out sofa shopping it is vital that you measure up your living space and perhaps even mock-up with paper or tape the dimensions of your ideal sofa on your floor in a few different configurations be it a sectional, three seater or sofa bed to ensure that the sofa you select will fit within the size and shape constraints of your space. Keep in mind things such as window ledge heights if your lounge will be situated under a window, coffee table heights and general room measurements. This will ensure you don’t end up with a beautiful, stylish perfect lounge that is far too oversized/undersized for your space!