Sosia Italian Modern Leather Hand Accent Chair White

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Designed like a human hand, the Sosia Italian Modern White Leather Hand Accent Chair is a definite wow! Wrapped in white full genuine leather, it incorporates the lines found on a human palm, including the lines on the fingers. The wide palm serves as the seating area while the 3 middle fingers were fitted side-by-side to function as the backrest. Both the thumb and small finger were designed as arms. This work of art showcases the imaginative artistry of the creator that is so different from the usual furniture design. To make your seating experience more enjoyable, this modern hand accent chair has a wood swivel base. The Accent Chair also available in Silver Leather.

Upholstered In Full Genuine Leather
Panarea Snow White Cat H9500
Unique Hand Shaped Design
Swivel Base
Wood Base
Hand Made In Italy

Width 31" x Depth 37" x Height 35"
Seat Depth: 20"
Seat Height: 16"

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