Mirage sectional sofa

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Mirage sectional sofa available in first grade leather, nubuk leather, lizard
printed leather, velvet or suede fabric. Sofa seats and sides with double
stitching in polyurethane foam wrapped in down feather. Legs and metal
trims on the armrest in satin black nickel stainless steel with lasered Giorgio
Collection logo.

Available sizes

Art. 380/91 L/R – Modular sofa side unit LEFT/RIGHT w/low armrest
Size: cm 167W x 158D x 80H
Size: 66”W x 62”½D x 31”½H

Art. 390/92 L/R – Modular sofa side unit LEFT/RIGHT w/high armrest
Size: cm 151W x 143D x 80H
Size: 59”½W x 56”½D x 31”½H

Art. 390/93 L/R – Modular sofa chaise lounge LEFT/RIGHT
Size: cm 176W x 168D x 80H
Size: 69”½W x 66”D x 31”½H

Art. 390/94 L/R – Modular sofa BIG center unit LEFT/RIGHT
Size: cm 180W x 132D x 80H
Size: 71”W x 52”D x 31”½H

Art. 390/95 L/R – Modular sofa small center unit LEFT/RIGHT
Size: cm 150W x 132D x 80H
Size: 59”W x 52”D x 31”½H”

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