Are you a dog lover? Or maybe you prefer cats. When it comes to our pets, we want our furry companions to be as comfortable as we are. But we don’t want them to destroy our new furniture. Pets don’t care about your new furniture, they disobey and put their dirty paws all over your nice new white couch. Cats are notorious for scratching almost everything they can get their paws on. That’s a natural instinct, what are you going to do about it? They wouldn’t mind sharpening their claws on your new furniture, scratching it in no time. Thus, having the right furniture is a must.


There are many types of pet friendly furniture, but the best choice for furniture for pets is leather. That is why leather furniture is what you need, as it is durable, resists punctures, and easy-to-clean. A simple wipe down will help you get rid of most pet related stains, such as mud and dirt! Moreover, leather furniture is way more resistant when it comes to pet odor. One thing to keep in mind is you need a 100% genuine leather couch, not faux or recycled material, as authentic leather is extremely thick and tough. In addition, leather furniture is luxurious and looks amazing in any room. Another advantage of leather furniture is that your leather sofa won’t attract hairs shed by your pets. Although it is very difficult to scratch certain leathers, all leathers can be scratched so the color under the top color is the most important. In many cases the color on the back does not match, therefore any scratch would be an eyesore. Try to find leather furniture that has almost identical front and back colors. This way, scratches will be almost invisible. Lightly protected leather will scratch easily. Choose heavily protected leather. Also consider bonded leather with dogs, it costs less but gets the job done.

You can also have a protective finish applied to your leather couches for dogs for extra peace of mind. Or just put a pet friendly cover over your furniture. It is another efficient way to protect it from pet stains and scratches. However, these covers will hide the beauty of your leather furniture, and they tend to slip and slide off.


If you can’t afford a pet proof leather couch and are looking for a cheaper alternative, microfiber is your second choice. Microfiber is cost-effective and almost as durable as leather because of its ultra-fine microfibers that are tightly woven, which creates a powerful layer of protection. Another advantage of microfiber is that it comes in a wide range of colors, and doesn’t leave scratches from claws. There aren’t any loops in microfiber fabric, so claws will not get stuck. Plus, it’s easy to clean stains and wipe pet hair off microfiber furniture. Microfiber does a good job absorbing stains and odors and resisting scratches. A patterned fabric may be better than a solid color for pet owners because pet hair and stains will be less visible. You can also throw a cover over your new couch to protect it from your animals.


Denim may not be the fanciest upholstery material around, but it’s extremely durable. It’s usually pretty easy to wipe pet hair off of denim and keep pet stains away. Additionally, because it features a pretty tight weave, it wouldn’t snag your pet’s claws.

Many manufacturers use distressed or “acid-washed” denim when making furniture. These types of denim couches will help downplay any scratches or stains.


Like denim, canvas is a pretty durable fabric that works well if you have pets. Canvas couches will do a good job holding up to your pet’s claws and animal stains. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple to find indoor canvas furniture because it is more common for patio and outdoor furniture to be covered with canvas.

Preventing The Problem

Prevention is the key in this case. First, you need to know how to keep dogs off leather furniture. If you want to teach your pets to stay off the couch, simply get them their own bed. It will serve as a great replacement for their favorite spot on the couch, and it would be much more comfortable than the floor. Also, don’t forget to trim and manicure your dog’s claws regularly to reduce the chances of damaging your furniture.

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