How to Lay a Carpet

Carpets are a notable interior detail. It makes the place cozier and comfortable. Some find it obsolete, non-practical, and useless. But we think that flooring just needs the right furnishing around. In our article, we’ve collected designers’ tips for installing carpet and setting it beautifully in any room.

Advice about installing

While choosing a floor covering, the matting is a common and worthy material. But solving issues with choosing the size, the design, and other characteristics may be difficult. We are giving some advice on how to lay a carpet to create an impressive and logical design.


The leading asset is rising the floor’s temperature to a comfortable level. It is a great option especially in areas with cold winters. When it is composed of tile and stone, extra covering helps in saving heat. It is also eco-friendly because of saving energy.

Another advantage is the silence it provides. If you have active children, a soft layer quietens your house strongly. Further, it protects from different damages. If something falls, both the object and the surface stay alright.

Another huge benefit is a bright stylish appearance. It improves the interior’s unicity with an unusual ornament or a contrast color. The mild texture is soft and convenient, which is a perfect choice in bedrooms and living rooms.

Where not to use

Some places in your house need another covering, where a fluffy covering is non-practical or needless. A bathroom should better have a tile and a small rug to heat your feet. Other kinds get wet and unattractive soon. 

A kitchen should only include parquet, tiling, etc. In the cooking process, we often drop some products. Their smell and leftovers stay in the carpeting and cleaning is more expensive than ordinary mopping. Also, it gets dirty soon. A dining hall is a bad choice in the same way. Cleaning all the small parts of food out is not a pleasing thing to do.

How to get the size right

The general advice is not to choose too-small. It is cutting the capacity visually. Instead, take a bigger size to achieve an optical illusion. In case you don’t know the exact measurements, use colorful sticky tape. Adhere it at the expected location of a matting, then gauge and count the average area.

How do fitting your own carpet correctly? The whole furniture fits on it at least partly. The sofa and the chairs can stand on it completely or only with the front legs. The carpeting in the living room is smaller than the perimeter by 30-40 cm on each side. 

In the bedroom, the matting protrudes beyond the boundaries of the bed by at least 70 cm. After waking up, you sense the warm texture fibers. Sometimes there is no space to set a big carpet. In such a situation, use two small on both sides of the bed. It looks a little different, but still good. If the temperature below is still uncomfortable, think of a heating system.

Which material to choose

The two basic kinds are natural and synthetic. First are loved because of their pleasant texture and authenticity. Popular ones are sheep’s wool, silk, and cotton. Another kind is hypoallergenic and easy to wash. Usually, it includes polyester and acrylic threads. The third type is a new eco-friendly generation fabric. They are safe, durable, and organic. These canvases are manufactured of model, tinsel, eucalyptus, and bamboo silk.

The rug contacts a lot with the deck. It is why its texture is so important. Another thing is not to hide the main surface. Wooden desks should be left visible because of their expressiveness and strong impact on the whole appearance. Sometimes there is an adhesive extra layer. If your children or pets may run around, check these variants. The non-slipping effect adds safety and steadiness.

Bedroom tips

A few years ago designers called matting needless, but now they are becoming popular again, and the situation has changed. Even psychologists admit the impact it delivers to you. It is important for a nursery, where babies do their first steps. Improve the atmosphere around with the right coverage.

The texture and length

It is a place, where you spend many hours barefoot and, as a result, receive bright tactile sensations. It is especially noticeable in the morning when you notice your first feeling during the day. And they should be pleasant, right? The soft surface, putting you in the atmosphere of comfort, warmth, and rest is the best choice. Here is why the long fiber fits there ideally.


It is a location where you calm down after a tough day and cheer up in the morning. Tones there are better to be warm, beige and pink, or deep, green and blue, to relax and calm. Also, the pastel palette fits furnishing, lightens and softens the atmosphere. 

Avoid vivid tones, for example, red, acidic yellow, and so on. Compare the main items’ (curtains, bed, walls, etc.) to find the basic shade. Use it for the carpeting, and you will understand the needed shade.

Living room tips

In this location, long and medium fiber are suitable too. Longer variants are the softest and the most convenient. Their disadvantage is necessary proper cleaning, more than for a short piece of fabric. 


Rugs perform a few different purposes. Decide which is the most useful and put an item according to it.

  • separating the space into zones, in that way you need two or more;
  • visually expanding the area;
  • hiding the surface’s imperfections.

It is better to place the sofa, the chairs, and the bottom tables by about half or two thirds. The rug up to 2 meters long is perfect for a relaxation area with two or three seats.

A wide range of forms is available. To broaden the location visually, choose a thin and long one. If you are buying the round-shaped item, it must match some other round furniture pieces: a sofa, chairs, a chandelier, etc. It widens the place visually. If you are seeking a unique image, look at some unusual forms as the animal's skin or zigzags.

Styles and colors

Building a completely new design gives you many possibilities. The main thing is creating space where all parts coincide perfectly.

  • An ornament imitating animal skin like a zebra or giraffe is good for an African style.
  • In the lively megapolis flat, a minimalistic and bright canvas turns to be a great Hitech accent.
  • Classical ones are cold shades of green and blue, wine, terracotta, and golden.
  • In boho and eastern-like interiors, bright tones and intricate knit with floral motives are suitable. It is better to buy it from a small manufacturer. In that case, you get an original handmade item. 

Hope our tips about installing carpet helped you in achieving your dream design. As you see, even a little part changes a lot in appearance. We highly recommend not to postpone the purchase till the last minute. It allows forming a logical furnishing complex. Find the details’ character and build your own perfect space to spend time at.