How to Choose the Right Color for Your Sofa

How to Choose a Sofa Color?

The sofa is one of the main interior items in every home or apartment. This multifunctional furniture can be placed in the hall, living room, kitchen, or even in the office. Because the couch performs more daily tasks and functions, choosing a high-quality, beautiful, and practical product is not an easy task. When choosing a model, it is worth considering that all elements must harmoniously complement each other and correspond to the parameters of the room.

Its role is to set the direction for the style and design. It can become both the main accent or organically fit into the overall look and not attract too much attention. Besides, this piece of furniture should be comfortable, functional, and ideally suited to the size. You can find a suitable showpiece in the Paramus online store. Here are the best and most diverse models from world manufacturers. Here are some useful recommendations on how to choose a sofa color.

Principles of Choosing Sofa Palette

How to choose a color couch? It is one of the essential characteristics of upholstered furniture. Your mood and comfort depend on it. Every detail must be in harmony with the walls, carpeting, textiles, and the tone of other furniture. Before buying a product, determine this parameter. There are several modern sofa color combinations of upholstered furniture:

  • Plain. The couch and other pieces are made in the same tone as the walls in the room. But they may differ in shade. The fabric is beige, and the wallpaper is gold. Stretching of tone is always complimentary to the eye.

  • Neutral. All furniture is of the same wood and metal and differs from the walls. Gentle, soft shades suit any, even the brightest room, and also helps to smooth and balance the tints.

  • Saturated furniture and neutral interior. A colorful piece helps diversify the overall calmness of the. atmosphere around.

  • Combined. In this case, a sofa is opposite to the whole interior. However, this option requires an elaborate design idea.

Matching Sofa Color with Rooms

The choice of the divan depends on the purpose of the flat, its features, and the nature of the people living in it. After all, the restroom does not need a color explosion but calm shades. On the contrary, in a room for active work, a bright tone is required as it stimulates productivity.


It is better to choose calm and neutral tones for the bedroom. Beige, gray, powdery shades of pink and blue are perfect examples. In the Paramus MegaFurniture catalog, customers find various items for every taste and need. There are couches from traditional brown leather ones to modern fabric options.

Hall & Living Room

It is a place for active and frequent recreation. home residents often gather after a hard day and meet with guests here. Therefore, choosing sofa color to coordinate the living room, you may prefer a bright palette and patterns on the upholstery. Do not forget about pillows. They make it cozy.


It makes sense to give preference to bright shades and rich patterns for the sofa if the child has a calm and balanced character. Calm, neutral tones and unobtrusive prints suit active, restless children. The Best Sofa Fits Your Interior perfectly.

People often buy new furniture for an existing interior. Therefore, when purchasing it, it is worth it to start building from the pre-existing furniture. If there are already a lot of things with prints, a plain sofa is a perfect choice. On the other hand, a bright and accent version matches perfectly with a neutral design.

Types of Sofas to Take into Account

Plain models allow you to create a calm relaxation area in which silence and peace prevail. If you want to add brightness and originality, you can complement the laconic tones using a variety of pillows with patterns. The obvious advantage of monochrome models is that they touch harmoniously in almost any interior. Modern materials used for upholstery have a large variety of colors. Brown leather sofas have become synonymous with classic interiors over the years. But gray and beige options also work well.

Some patterned coaches are also very popular. But there is a lot of Inferior and sub-standard ones. Do not install a couch with a small and bright pattern in a small room. It can visually reduce the space. Keep fabric to match the color scheme of the room. At the same time, the presence of stand-out drawings should not get out of the general design. Choose a stylish patterned couch. To facilitate this task, it is better to think about the interior in advance to the smallest detail including chairs, rugs on the floor.

A Couch and the Interior Style

Before buying furniture, it is advisable to know and decide the styling and fashion pattern of the room. To do this, you can study the catalog or the following tips:

  • Urban. The interior in such houses is calm. In this case, light shades of gray, purple, and olive look best.

  • Country. The style has a bright and warm atmosphere. It is often decorated by a brown, terracotta, or beige divan.

  • Oriental. In this case, opt for vivid and deep shades.

  • Art Deco. Dark colors are dominated here. Models with a similar range of upholstery or contrasting light sofas with stripes or patterns can emphasize the overall atmosphere.

  • Scandinavian. Such a popular trend means models in neutral gray, black or white.

  • Classical. Brown, chocolate, and purple organically appear here.

  • Provence. Light, delicate interior perfectly pops furniture in light pink, blue, white, beige, or cream.

Useful Recommendations

When deciding what color sofa you should buy for your interior, you should not forget that a piece of furniture should not only be aesthetic but also functional and practical. Furniture with soft light upholstery looks very expensive and attractive and goes well with any decor. But at the same time, caring for such a divan can be inconvenient due to its soiling. Therefore, you should not have such models in a house if you have little children around. If there are cats, dogs, and other pets in the home, make sure that the fur is easily removed from its surface.

The Paramus store is happy to offer its clients modern and comfortable couches that can create a cozy atmosphere in the flat. Fast delivery and reliable prices are our priorities in customer service. Rely on us for making your home the best place!