Feng Shui Basics for Beginners. Tips How To Feng-Shui Your Home

Feng Shui Basics for Beginners

Have you ever thought about how interiors affect your mind and well-being? There are a lot of arguments about design solutions, but there is a technique that fits them all. Feng Shui represents ancient Chinese philosophy, which is a good idea to create an ideal place to live. Some call it «making friends with your home».

However, it can be successfully applied in the present-day world. Supporters of this technique say that it improves mood and balances the atmosphere of a home. If you are interested in this technique, get introduced to the guide to Feng Shui in this article.

Guidelines & Values

The whole conception is closely related to the concept of positive energy. Qi is a substance that can be found in every part of the world. Like streams of wind and water, spirit flows through the house and commands your well-being. You cannot increase its amount, only guide it harmonically, so it will nourish you. In Chinese traditional design, Qi is achieved by changing the layout and furniture, so it will not enter the negative flow.

The main Feng Shui basics are:

  • natural materials and abandoning artificial appropriately used and maximized;

  • natural light coming in all the niches equally;

  • size of the furniture matching the size of the room;

  • few mirrors expanding the space visually.

Zoning the Space

Another important part is the balancing of the Bagua zones. It is said and believed that every home has nine zones related to different spheres of life. Career is north, fame is south, creativity is west, wealth is south-east, traveling is north-west, knowledge, and wisdom is north-east, a family is east, marriage is south-west, and health is placed in the center. Every zone has its rules of proper arrangements.

To find out where Bagua areas are, a special octagon is put on the house system. Put the necessarily related item in every appropriate segment. All these areas can be small, but they must be equal.

Feng Shui in a Modern Apartment

Many people say that Feng Shui basics are arrested as a useless myth. But in today’s world, it turns out to be a unique way of setting your home space. Its ancient history makes a place strong-spirited and convenient. Learn how to use this technique naturally.


You spend a one,-third of your life in your bedroom, which makes the bedroom an important place. It is a place of rest, safety, recovery, and privacy for the owner, so it shouldn’t be set near the entrance. The room can be square or rectangular, but not triangular or round. The bed must touch the wall only with its back. The mattress and rug must consist of one piece because two different parts symbolize fights in relationships.


The main requirements are minimalistic decorations, a nice smell, and clean surfaces. just like in every other room, mirrors are important there. The quality of reflection means a lot. tile mirror is not a great idea, because it is a reminder or representative of broken things. A big one-piece glass visually expands the space and fills it with positive Qi. Don’t use too much black color. This color can depict a negative aura or atmosphere for the bathroom. For a bathroom, terracotta and natural tile are good.


This place symbolizes the heart's desires, reliability, and rest. It should be harmonically ideal to support the energy of peace. The stove and the sink must be placed far from each other since they represent two opposite substances: fire and water.

Space should be visually widened by a mirror in front of the entrance and light colors. Windows are unlikely to be closed with curtains during the day to increase the sunlight. The doorway can be decorated with thread and beaded curtains. Place a bright item like a poster or an unusual plant on the opposite side. Make the color palette fresh: soft shades of green, golden, and brown are suitable as far as they reflect the earth element.

Living Room

Feng Shui says that a living room is the heart of the house. It is recommended to place a mirror there to reflect the dining table and set bookshelves. An important part of the design is viable plants. Don’t forget about sunlight to keep them alive.

As a decor, use candles in candlesticks and some pieces of natural stone. It can be a decorative plate, a small statue, a fixture, etc. Another material to use is natural wood instead of metal. It adds warmth and coziness.

It may be a wooden mirror frame, a lamp carcass, a bookstand, or another part of the furnishing items. If you are interested in vintage fittings, be careful. Items save the energy of their previous owners, which may be negative. Get informed about the history of the item before buying it.


Also, there are restrictions about furnishing, positions, and other characteristics. They keep the positive Qi inside and lead the negative energy away. The first rule is not to combine a living room with a kitchen. In the first place, the coziness would be disrupted, secondly, it can lead the positive spirit out of the house. Also, no broken pieces of furnishing, equipment, dishes, and others are allowed. They carry a bad aura and worsen the house’s atmosphere.

Some things are closing the way for Qi streams:

  • stairs in front of the entrance;

  • a straight line between the front and rear doors;

  • rooftop beams on the bedroom’s roof;

  • a long corridor with a bedroom at the end.

Another important piece of advice is to avoid sharp edges. They’re believed to chase away luck and money out of the house. According to philosophy and ancient beliefs, the best room shape is square or rectangular, where corners are hidden with furniture and decorations. The same thing with its other items such as desks, sofas, beds, chairs should have smoothed edges.

Does Feng Shui Make Sense?

As you see, Feng Shui has a connection with an average modern citizen. Even though it is an ancient Eastern practice, its principles are useful even in crowded metropolises. It adds the calmness and quietness of previous centuries to a busy life and makes relaxation easier. Of course, you shouldn’t follow all the rules.

The best thing to listen to is your practical common sense and comfort.

Also, Feng Shui has useful design tips, which are logical and beautiful. Of course, it is reasonable not to put a mirror or broken items in front of your bed. Advice about sharp edges deals is for your comfort and safety. Feng Shui basics can find new solutions and new ways to be useful in the modern world. Apply it to understand ancient traditions and add simplicity to your lifestyle.

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