Vittoria Sofa

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The Vittoria Sofa features an attractively shaped modern silhouette and intensely comfortable blue velvet fabric upholstery. A great addition to any contemporary styled living room! Comes with two pillows for additional comfort.

Pillows Included
Pillow fight! Or not. Take a power nap, or curl up with these pillows while you doze off watching a late-night flick. Unspoiled comfort.

Stainless Steel Legs
Add that shimmering touch of style! These sleek, shiny stainless steel legs provide excellent contrast against the soft upholstery of your furniture piece.

100% polyester
Shiny stainless steel legs
Blue velvet fabric
2 blue & white pillows
Pine wood frame

85.4 Width x 33.9 Depth x 30.3 Height

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