Cosmopolitan Modern Tufted Fabric Sectional Sofa Red

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Relax in luxury with the Cosmopolitan Mini Sectional Sofa. Upholstered in a soft red velour fabric with quilted crystal tufted backing. The rounded edges and gradual curve of the sectional create a glamorous and sophisticated design. Modular pieces allow for customization and flexibility. Use as a stunning piece for lounges, weddings, special events or formal living rooms. 

100% Polyester Fabric
Tufted With Artificial Crystals

From Left to Right:
1 Seater: Width 50" x Depth 38" x Height 35"
3 Seater: Width 80" x Depth 43" x Height 35"
1 Seater: Width 50" x Depth 38" x Height 35"
Sofa overall: Width 180" x Depth 43" x Height 35"
Seat Height: 17"

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