Carter Adjustable Stool Gray

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This modern stool features a Adjustable gas lift that easily adjust the height of the seat from 23.62" to 32.28". A cushioned seat and back with PU upholstery, armrest, footrest and a slightly curved seat design ensure a comfortable seating experience. Available in Beige.

Pedestal Base
Give importance to the top and the contents above it with the beautiful pedestal base on this furniture piece. The top is firmly supported by a single structure.

PU Leather Upholstery
PU Leather is split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane that gives it a uniform shine and long-lasting "like new" appearance. It cleans easily with a damp cloth.

Adjustable Height
Don’t get stuck in a rut! This piece allows for the height that best suits your needs.

Stitched Detailing
It’s nice to be able to look at something and get a sense of the work involved. So take a look at and appreciate this furniture’s visible stitching—for a complete feel of the experience.

Chrome Base
Supported by a material that does not only resist tarnishing but also gives out a lustrous look.

Installed with a swivel mechanism that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees whenever you want to go for a spin.

Adjustable gas lift operation
Seat adjust from 23.62" to 32.28"
Rattan Back
Chrome metal finish

20.5 Width x 15.4 Depth x 42.1 Height

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